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Pydio Cells

Future-proof content collaboration platform - On Premises File Sharing Done Right (HOME EDITION)

Modern file management platform built according to your business needs and regulations,

Installed on your own infrastructure, Pydio Cells provides a central place for your users to collaborate and share files internally and externally , while empowering your IT admins to monitor and protect your company's data

PydioCellsColor.pngOne central access point for all your files

Centralize your files in easy-to-organize workspaces and Cells

Access your data from any device
Share files and folders securely in just a few clicks
Navigate through intuitive interfaces

Security at heart
Define and assign access rules per users or groups, based on many possible rules: IP addresses, location, time...
Allow your users the exact granularity of control they need on their content
Closely monitor access and sharing activities with a powerful Admin Dashboard & Analytics
Safe and simple authentication process based on OpenID Connect, easy to integrate with enterprise authentication servers

Compliant to your needs
Track sensitive data accesses with audit and reporting tools
Comply with GDPR and other new tightening data protection regulations with our Enterprise Data Management features
Quickly and easily analyze relevant data with GDPR-compliant logs (separated from system logs)

Get your teams to collaborate efficiently
Work together in real time on office documents directly in your browser, using Collabora Online Office Suite * or OnlyOffice *
Pydio allows you to create your own collaboration spaces, invite people to join and share documents between them
Chat with one or several colleagues around your shared files

Manage huge amounts of data
Written in Golang, Pydio is very powerful: handling large files (over 5GB) has never been easier
Built on a micro-service architecture, it is easy to scale to match your workload
Easily identify bottlenecks with our Admin console for easier diagnostics

In-depth integration
Connect to many storage systems: SAN-LOCAL FS, SAMBA-CIFS*, (s)FTP, NFS, Onedrive*...
Connect to many user directories, with an autonomous sync of users: LDAP, AD, SAML*, SHIBBOLETH*...

Manage your teams
You can integrate Pydio to your Enterprise directory, or simply create and import your own users
You decide what end-users are able to do: sharing permissions, creation of their own teams within their address book, creation of external users... You set the rules
Monitor the activity with our powerful admin dashboard : the Share explorer lets you see who shares what, with auditable KPIs

advanced%20secure%20file%20sharing_0.gifQKPG INTEGRATION

first setup need to be done manually in SSH, just type : cells install
and follow instructions

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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