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Private front-end for Reddit

Libreddit hopes to provide an easier way to browse Reddit, without the ads, trackers, and bloat. Libreddit was inspired by other alternative front-ends to popular services such as Invidious for YouTube, Nitter for Twitter, and Bibliogram for Instagram.

Libreddit currently implements most of Reddit's (signed-out) functionalities but still lacks a few features.

How does it compare to Teddit?
Teddit is another awesome open source project designed to provide an alternative frontend to Reddit. There is no connection between the two and you're welcome to use whichever one you favor. Competition fosters innovation and Teddit's release has motivated me to build Libreddit into an even more polished product.

If you are looking to compare, the biggest differences I have noticed are:

Libreddit is themed around Reddit's redesign whereas Teddit appears to stick much closer to Reddit's old design. This may suit some users better as design is always subjective.
Libreddit is written in Rust for speed and memory safety. It uses Actix Web, which was benchmarked as the fastest web server for single queries.

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Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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