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  • 6 mesi fa

Smart PVR for newsgroup and bittorrent users (this version is still considered as Alpha)


please shutdown first your actual sonarr to test it (it us same 8989 port by default, due to lack of install instruction)
i do not merge volontary configuration folder (it use /share/SONARR3_CONFIG instead)

What’s New
There is a ton of new stuff,

Some highlights:

New UI
Grouping of qualities in profiles
Remux and WebRip qualities
Language Profiles
Backup and Restore config/database from the UI
Manual Search is now Interactive Search (clarity between manually searching by pressing buttons and interactively selecting a search result)
Interactive Search filtering
Interactive Search for full seasons
Customize number of rows and columns for tabular data (series, queue, history, etc)
Series import
Drone Factory has been removed, it will not be coming back, though we have plans to improve the import process outside of basic flow

report issue :

  • Qmono

To be used with

TS-ARM-X19 TS-NASX86 TS-X28A TS-X41 TS-NASX86 64bits

Thanks for your support