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Radicale (Apache80)

Complete CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server

The Radicale Project is a complete CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server solution.

Calendars and address books are available for both local and remote access, possibly limited through authentication policies. They can be viewed and edited by calendar and contact clients on mobile phones or computers.
Technical Description

Radicale aims to be a light solution, easy to use, easy to install, easy to configure. As a consequence, it requires few software dependencies and is pre-configured to work out-of-the-box.

Radicale runs on most of the UNIX-like platforms (Linux, *BSD, MacOS X) and Windows. It is free and open-source software, written in Python, released under GPL version 3.

Main Features

Shares calendars through CalDAV, WebDAV and HTTP
Shares contacts through CardDAV, WebDAV and HTTP
Supports events, todos, journal entries and business cards
Works out-of-the-box, no installation nor configuration required
Warns users on concurrent editing
Limits access by authentication
Secures connections

CalDAV and CardDAV Clients

At this time Radicale has been tested and works fine with the latest version of:

Mozilla Lightning
GNOME Evolution
KDE KOrganizer
aCal, ContactSync, CalendarSync, CalDAV-Sync CardDAV-Sync and DAVdroid for Google Android
InfCloud, CalDavZAP, CardDavMATE
Apple iPhone
Apple Calendar
Apple Contacts

More clients will be supported in the future. However, it may work with any calendar or contact client which implements CalDAV or CardDAV specifications too (luck is highly recommended).

you can adjust configuraton : /opt/Radical80/config/radicale.conf
default login : admin / admin

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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