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You’re taking a lot of notes and need a solution to manage them i.e. put your knowledge base in one central place and being able to retrieve quickly information’s, display them nicely through the browser as a HTML page or a slideshow, export them in many file formats (docx, odt, pdf, txt, …). Sensitive information’s can be encrypted and notes…

Marknotes is a tool that will display your documents through a powerful web interface where they will be sorted and accessible quickly. Marknotes offers multiple features such as a powerful search engine, the ability to encrypt all or part of a document, display it in different ways and export it in multiple ways and much more (see below).

Thanks to its plugin oriented architecture, Marknotes is rich in dozens of features and it is quite easy to add more. Even the buttons in the editor toolbar are plugins! Tasks (like file upload, file format conversion,. ..) are also plugins! The code is highly scalable but also easier to maintain since everything is perfectly divided into small portions of code.

By adopting Marknotes, you'll never ask yourself, "Where did I save my document?" or "I had read an interesting piece of information but I don't know where it is any more". The answer will be, of course, "The information is saved in Marknotes and will really fast retrieve."

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