30-06-2019 v.
- Update to latest git (4.3-1795~g771dfd6be). - Fixed crash when using VAAPI transcoding, now requires CodexPack (thanks to thoemy).

Version 0.9.5
06-06-2019 v. 0.9.5
- Update to latest git (4.3-1792~g466a01431). - Added VAAPI transcoding support for x86_64 (thanks to thoemy). - Added support to Realtek RTL2832U tuner 0bda:2832 (thanks to saddir).

08-03-2019 v.
v0.9.4.2 - Update to latest git (4.3-1774~g0122ccb22). - Added alternative to NO_TUNER=1 installation by placing a file named "tvh_config_notuner" into the Public share (automatically deleted when processed).