Version 0.9.7-A504
04-05-2020 v. 0.9.7-A504
Major updated:
- Media Library (KB:
- - auto-detecting of 2160p/4K Movies, TV Shows and Anime
- - sub libraries for 'kids' and 'adult' label

- Media library was post-processing torrent downloads, even if it was disabled
- Media library queue post-processing manager was replaced with simplified task-awaiting process spawning to ensure all completed tasks will be processed by medialibrary
- "Instanly clean-up TV Shows from .nfo file to prevent Kodi library gets broken. [Internal fix for Kodi issue bug]" which cleans also subcategories for TV Shows like: 4k and kids
- GeoIP db updated
- Fixed RSS/UI settings lost after while chaning user name from default one to the one from previous installation
- (Public trackers) Fixed DHT support - no more watchdog service restart issue
- (Public trackers) Removed limit 1kb/s for seeding speed on public trackers (Users request)
- Fixed non-working 'RESET UI SETTINGS TO DEFAULT' button available in SETTINGS

- It is possible to disable creating default labels from now
- From now, by default all completed torrents which belongs to categories: movie, tv, 4k, kids, adult and anime will be moved instead hardlinked from complete into medialibrary to avoid unnecessary duplicates in downloads, complete and medialibrary. However, you can still use the old way and in the SETTINGS > Medialibrary > Action select: hardlink (create link; fallback: copy - if different target volume)
- Added toggle details button arround General tab in Advanced UI
- torrents tasks saved in 'seed' subdirectory label are omitted and ignored by medialibrary post-process action (this is helpful when you want to download torrents for seeding only)
- FloodUI is disabled by default and can be enabled manually in rtorrent-Pro settings (Disabling this UI is recommended if the server does not have enough RAM or CPU resources, if more than 50 download tasks are active, or if you are not using it.)
- Officially code signed QPKG app with digital certificate

Version 0.9.6-0417
16-04-2019 v. 0.9.6-0417

Security fixed
- [CRITICAL] Fixed security issue with RPC2 accessible without any authentification

Major changes:
x Filebot incl. - 6 months for FREE, after 6 months, full 7 days trial renewed every week
- Do not require manual installation of FileBot & Java 8 in the system anymore (Recommend: remove these apps if not using for other purpose)
  (it is using built-in packages which do not conflict to system dependencies)
x MediaLibrary internal queue manager to handle scanning tasks in background (prevents UI hanging/freezing)
x MediaLibrary automatically scan every 4am whole content of complete or downloads directories and searching for Movies, TV Shows, Music...
  (depends if 'move to complete' is enabled in autotools UI settings otherwise use downloads dir instead complete for media source)
x Fixed IP Blocklist downloader
x Increased overall download and upload performance
x Improved Network Boost Tweak (this is recommended when: a] your ISP is offering DL speed more than 250Mbit; b] when reducing disk seeking while flushing large chunks)
- IMPORTANT NOTE: in both it is higly advised to have 4GB of RAM at least. Network Boost does not do nothing when dont have enough RAM to map download chunks.
- PRACTICE: Memory Limit settings is 4GB for 1Gigabit link.
- HELP: Memory Limit is not Memory Usage/Exclusive Memory Reservation). No. It define only how much of RAM rtorrent can use at time.

Minor changes:
x Fixed download finish events notifications
x Removed ports limitation ~65535
x Faster connecting to DHT network (for Public torrent trackers)
x rtorrent-Pro price is now 15 EUR

Known issues
[armv7l platform only]
x UI File Manager does not support creating RAR archives
x Mediainfo not available - Cannot determinate movie file video/audio codec details 
x 7z archives not supported because of wrong compilation target