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Digital Rebar Provision is a simple and powerful Golang executable that provides a complete API-driven DHCP/PXE/TFTP provisioning system

[ Beta Version until i had confirmation all is running fine ]

if webui doesnt start please cheack log within /opt/DigitalRebar/drp.log (some ports are necessary to be free to run correctly)

port to be free :

https /API : 8092 (self signed cert)
http : 8091
Metrics : 31310
tftp : 69
dhcp : 67
binl : 4011

all command lines are added to NAS $PATH

documentation available at :

The default username & password used for administering the dr-provision service is:

username: rocketskates
password: r0cketsk8ts

About :

Digital Rebar Provision
simple, fast and open API-driven server provisioning.

Digital Rebar Provision (DRP) is a APLv2 simple Golang executable that provides a simple yet complete API-driven DHCP/PXE/TFTP provisioning and workflow system.

DRP is designed to be a complete data center provisioning, content scaffolding and infrastructure workflow platform with a cloud native architecture that completely replaces Cobbler, Foreman, MaaS or similar technologies. DRP offers a single golang binary (less than 30MB) with no dependencies capable of installation on a laptop, RPi or switch supporting both bare metal and virtualized infrastructure.

Key Features:

API-driven infrastructure-as-code automation
Multi-boot workflows using composable and reusable building blocks
Event driven actions via Websockets API
Extensible Plug-in Model for public, vendor and internal enhancements
Supports ALL orchestration tools including Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, Bosh, Terraform, etc
RAID, IPMI, and BIOS Configuration (via commercial plugins)

If you like it.. do not forget to pay me a beer, link is on qnapclub page for the ;)

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