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[ QOptware-NG ]
Optware-NG is a replacement for Optware on QNAP nas systems ,with QTS 4.2 or higher and support for arm-x19, arm-x41, x86, i386/i686 and x86_64. ( x86_64 uses ELF32/32 bits programs / files, tested on a Qnap TS-453a with QTS 4.3, for several months )
( Before installing it, check you`re system. Log-on to you're Qnap nas with a ssh shell, [uname -m] where it then must show i386, i686, x86_64, armv5tel or armv7l. )

It will install the Optware-NG software, supplied from the Optware-NG project website, on a Qnap nas system.
( Many thanks to Alex Potapenko, for his great work and maintain the repository. )

I've started this project, out off frustration, that i could not find a good Optware solution in the Qnap appstore. Where other Optware solutions are missing a lot of program's. ( audio programs, tools like Chromaprint [fpcalc], cuetool, vorbisgain, mediainfo and more )
Optware-NG has most common programs included, or on request they try to add it.

With Optware-NG you can add functies and missing programs, to the operation sytem of Qnap QTS.
Same examples are bash, python, flac, lame, ffmpeg, mediainfo, vorbisgain, a.m., or commands get better with more options like tar, ls, ln a.m. For someone how like his Qnap to do more, then just be a storage-device, it will enhance it with those so needed programs.

Also noticed that other Optware Solution, could make other installed Apps/programs stop working, or make them give errors.(Par2cmdline-MT, QcouchPotato, QSonar, QSABnzbdplus, Qmono, FileBot, SSODS/SSOTS and many more. ) Qnap Optware-NG works different, it will try to preserve any existing symlinks in /opt. Symlink made on /opt before or after starting Optware-NG, will be preserved on /opt, when stopping or un installing Optware-NG. This way the other programs which also use /opt, will still work proper.

If you have a issue, question or want to request a missing program it can be done here!

I based the installation and supplied script on information which can be found on Optware-NG, NSLU2-linux and Qnap QDK development ! Everything is made under the open-source license GNU.

On installation there be several programs installed, ( Installation can take up to +/- 5 minutes )

For those who send me a donations, thank you, give’s me a feeling that the hard work is appreciated.

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