Version 0.9.7-0912
15-09-2019 v. 0.9.7-0912
- Medialibrary fix

Version 0.9.7-0731
31-07-2019 v. 0.9.7-0731
Fixed "(err!) rtorrent: Port Torrent: 42000 is already in use." issue when changing settings.

Version 0.9.7-0720
20-07-2019 v. 0.9.7-0720
Please VOTE which UI you preffer

This is a really nice upgrade including a lot of improvements, security fixes and etc.

Major changes:
- Rebuild with digital signatures and certificates to be compilant with QTS 4.4.1 and newer App Center vaildation
- VPN compatibility improvements - from now rtorrent hooks to the selected network interface and its internal interface IP, while reporting to the tracker in real time an outgoing IP address (it means it is probing something like whatismyip all the time, and while your IP is changing then it is sending correct one to the tracker) this is useful for VPN providers changing IP address every 10 minutes 
- Show IP is reporting now your outgoing IP address instead the assigned interface IP
TRICK* hover your mouse on that IP to see your locally assigned interface IP (VPN users)
- Check port [Open/Close/Warning] status - Open means open, close means close, but there are several idiots buying PIA VPN ( and the trick is that they decide which port you can use for outgoing connections instead you. Sure thats might be fine, but in this case this is your problem why rtorrent have closed incoming connection. So when using non-default network interface rtorrent might report you Warning icon status instead Closed port one, to let you know that you have to study why it is.
**FYI**: Once buying VPN service make sure about one thing: PRIVACY Jurisdiction - and then you will now that PIA is a shit.

Minor changes
- built-in mc has working subshell now
- post download scripts are not executed from /Rdownload/sh-script now but instead from: /Rdownload/scripts
- Fixed mismatch IP binding by http server, so it may fix issues with RSS and others
- some internal MC loder fixes
- others...

Version 0.9.7-0430
30-04-2019 v. 0.9.7-0430

Core changes:
x Fixed ip filter memory usage and list parsing.
x Fix BEP7 compatibility with IPv6 trackers and IPv4 peers.

Major changes:
x MediaLibrary [RESCAN ALL IN COMPLETE] button to manual run media scan of complete directory
x Instanly clean-up TV Shows from .nfo file to prevent Kodi library gets broken. [Internal fix for Kodi issue bug] (tnx @Haskell) (please re-add Kodi TV Shows library if gets broken previously)
x Do not triggers a full hash check after a torrent completes. Hashing already occurs as each piece is downloaded. This reduce disk seeking and awaiting time for torrents to get completed and prevent its incomplete announce to the tracker.
x Notifications are triggered now in a background to reduce torrent gets complete
x Post download triggers multiple external bash scripts (read thread)

Subshell changes:
x Included Midnight Commander supports subshell now

Know issues:
x Rtorrent-Pro settings are missing help hints (to be switchable Expert/Normal view in Pre-Final release)

Many more other changes...

Version 0.9.6-0419
19-04-2019 v. 0.9.6-0419

Major changes:
x Fixed media post processing

Version 0.9.6-0417
16-04-2019 v. 0.9.6-0417

Security fixed
- [CRITICAL] Fixed security issue with RPC2 accessible without any authentification

Major changes:
x Filebot incl. - 6 months for FREE, after 6 months, full 7 days trial renewed every week
- Do not require manual installation of FileBot & Java 8 in the system anymore (Recommend: remove these apps if not using for other purpose)
  (it is using built-in packages which do not conflict to system dependencies)
x MediaLibrary internal queue manager to handle scanning tasks in background (prevents UI hanging/freezing)
x MediaLibrary automatically scan every 4am whole content of complete or downloads directories and searching for Movies, TV Shows, Music...
  (depends if 'move to complete' is enabled in autotools UI settings otherwise use downloads dir instead complete for media source)
x Fixed IP Blocklist downloader
x Increased overall download and upload performance
x Improved Network Boost Tweak (this is recommended when: a] your ISP is offering DL speed more than 250Mbit; b] when reducing disk seeking while flushing large chunks)
- IMPORTANT NOTE: in both it is higly advised to have 4GB of RAM at least. Network Boost does not do nothing when dont have enough RAM to map download chunks.
- PRACTICE: Memory Limit settings is 4GB for 1Gigabit link.
- HELP: Memory Limit is not Memory Usage/Exclusive Memory Reservation). No. It define only how much of RAM rtorrent can use at time.

Minor changes:
x Fixed download finish events notifications
x Removed ports limitation ~65535
x Faster connecting to DHT network (for Public torrent trackers)
x rtorrent-Pro price is now 15 EUR

Known issues
[armv7l platform only]
x UI File Manager does not support creating RAR archives
x Mediainfo not available - Cannot determinate movie file video/audio codec details 
x 7z archives not supported because of wrong compilation target

Version 0.9.6-0215
21-02-2019 v. 0.9.6-0215
- Fixed sockets limitation settings

Version 0.9.6-0124
24-01-2019 v. 0.9.6-0124
- New: Network Boost Performance tweak (Settings > TCP/IP tunning - Boost Network Performance Throughput > [on/off] Apply Network Boost Linux Kernel tweaks)
- Fixed annoying notification about Rdownload share
- Increased overall simultaneous connections to peers to achive higher download/upload speeds fit to the common ISP links
- Code rewrite
- Security Improvements

Version 0.9.6-0117
18-01-2019 v. 0.9.6-0117
- Added ARM-based devices support. Compatible with TS-x28/x31P/x41 series.

Version 0.9.6-0103
03-01-2019 v. 0.9.6-0103
- Fixed issue with FileBot scanning files/directories containing [space] characters in name ... :(
- Fixed issue with End-of-Life GeoIP module after 2 Jan 2019 
(display country name and flag in peers tab, not necessary to work with rtorrent)

Note: GeoIP is now GeoIP2 and commercial... thats the next reason why rtorrent-Pro is paid... but we figured out an alternative so please expect new rtorrent-Pro update within few days. Thank you!

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