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Perfect for home and office
Home users

Nextcloud gives you a private, secure way to share, work with others and access your own data using an easy to use interface. Be it music, calendar appointments, bookmarks, email or your documents, Nextcloud keeps your data safe.
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Nextcloud gives organizations control over their data. Manage access to data and communication across devices and platforms, on-premise, on existing storage or with cloud storage. Nextcloud integrates in your infrastructure, offering the extensibility and features you need.

Before Buy
ENG : This application require Qapache as dependency to run, thanks to install Qapache as prior and check if Qapache runs fine on your environment before purchase.
FR : Cette Application nécessite Qapache comme dépendance, Merci d'installer Qapache en premier avant votre achat et de vérifier que celui-ci tourne bien dans votre environnement.
GER : Diese Anwendung benötigt Qapache als Abhängigkeit, bitte installieren Sie Qapache zuerst vor dem Kauf und überprüfen Sie, ob es in Ihrer Umgebung gut läuft.
PORT : Este aplicativo requer Qapache como uma dependência, por favor instale o Qapache primeiro antes de comprar e verifique se ele funciona bem no seu ambiente.
ESP : Esta aplicación requiere Qapache como dependencia, por favor instale Qapache primero antes de su compra y compruebe que funciona correctamente en su entorno.
DUTCH : Deze applicatie vereist Qapache als afhankelijkheid, installeer eerst Qapache voor uw aankoop en controleer of het goed werkt in uw omgeving.
IT : Questa applicazione richiede Qapache come dipendenza, per favore installa Qapache prima dell'acquisto e controlla che funzioni bene nel tuo ambiente.
POL : Ta aplikacja wymaga Qapache jako zaleznosci, nalezy zainstalowac Qapache najpierw przed zakupem i sprawdzic, czy dziala dobrze w swoim srodowisku.

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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