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Updated driver for rtl88x2bu wifi adaptors based on Realtek's (non official, may be unstable)

require Kernel 4.14.24

USB Vendor and Device ID List for the rtl88x2bu

To determine your Device ID:

$ lsusb

Example output:

Bus 003 Device 011: ID 0bda:b812 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

ID VendorID:DeviceID = 0bda:b812

We can search the list of driver supported IDs shown below.

Realtek default IDs

ID 0BDA:B82C - Default ID for USB multi-function (such as WiFi plus bluetooth)
ID 0BDA:B812 - Default ID for USB Single-function, WiFi only

Seller specific IDs

ID 13b1:0043
ID 0b05:1841
ID 0b05:184C
ID 7392:B822
ID 7392:C822
ID 2001:331e
ID 2001:331c
ID 0846:9055
ID 2357:012D
ID 2357:0138
ID 2357:0115
ID 20F4:808A

If your adapter matches one of the default or seller specific
IDs then this is the driver to use.

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